A Change of Name... and a New Look


Hello! You might have noticed that things look quite a bit different around here and there is a really good reason why... ready? Here goes. Since I launched Uncommon Hours, I have had my website hacked three times by some jerks from four different countries. Not because I'm cool. Not because I have a huge following - although I am cool:). No. It's actually because Uncommon Hours apparently has a - how do I put this professionally - a certain, negative connotation. These "people" have hacked my website, placed triple x code all over the place, and google blacklisted my site. As a nurse and medical professional, I don't want any inappropriate content/correlations associated with my company and the  really amazing work that we are doing to help families and children. Also. It is obnoxious to have to deal with hackers on a regular basis. 

So there you go. Uncommon Hours is now... Imparted Health + Wellness. Same mission. Same goals. Same values. And I hope, no more hackers! You can find us on Facebook and Instragram @impartedhealth. And since you're here, have a look around! Thanks for being here!


BUSINESSKaren Townsend, RN