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Our Founder


I'm Karen, and I'm passionate about helping you grow, learn and be your healthiest, happiest self.

Born in Britain, and made in the USA, I’ve been blessed to travel the world, surfing long breaks in Hawaii, celebrating the New Year in Prague and spending summers in London. Nine years ago I met my match and married him, then four years later became a mama to my little nugget and sixteen months after that welcomed our little bean. I am all of the things I described above. A nerd. An athlete. A rebel. A mother. A wife. A friend. A nurse. A fighter. And an encourager.

Every blade of grass, has its angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow."

- The Talmud


“illegitimi non carborundum”


In 2009, a shift took place. My grandpa was diagnosed with terminal cancer, three weeks later I would have started PA school at Stanford University, that one quarter of the way through the program I would have to withdraw from school so that I could be with him when he passed away, that on the day that I should have been taking my final I would be writing his obituary, that I would go from studying at Stanford to going back to work as a ski patroller, and that two months after that I would learn I was pregnant, I would have said you were CRAZY. Crazy. In one year dreams came true, priorities shifted, my heart was broken, life was lost and life was created, and restoration began. I’m sure there are many stories like these. This just happens to be mine.

It took a few years to bounce back, but when my second baby was six months old, I went back to school. This time, to become a nurse. It was never on my radar, in fact, it was the first program I was accepted in to after Stanford, and the one that ensured that all of the prerequisites and work I had done wasn’t lost. I graduated two years later, and found myself back in the Emergency Department, working in the same E.R. where my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Life comes full circle folks.

Sometimes I think back to the day I left for Stanford. I sat on the edge of my grandfather’s bed, and he told me to leave. He told me that I had to go. Then he said, “Honey, you have to do this. You can’t save me, but rejoice in the people that you can save and do what you were born to do.” So you see, this isn’t just a job. This had been my life’s passion. My calling. And I hope in some way, I can share what I’ve learned with you.