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Hello Again script

I'm Karen Townsend

Thanks for “hanging out” with me! Since we’re getting to know each other, there are a few things you should know! I’m a nurse, a wife, a mama, a rebel, a nerd and an athlete. I’m Stanford educated with a slight rebellious streak and a penchant for sarcasm. I love teaching people how to become their own advocate and I hate a bully in any form! Learn more about me and how Imparted Health started below.


When I was four years old, I announced to the world (mostly my mom) that I was going to be a doctor… But after years of shadowing physicians, I realized that I had a heart for healing (and for people) and CHOSE to become a nurse. I've spent the last sixteen years working in emergency departments, on the side of mountains and for private practices. Nothing brings me more fulfillment than helping people. Except when they beat me up - but I’ll save that story for another day!

Imparted Health started with a little boy. At six months old, my son Kaeden was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. As if being a new parent wasn’t difficult enough (I was sleep deprived, overwhelmed and still trying to adjust to my new "normal"), and now I had to figure our this thing called hip dysplasia. My boy was counting on me and I wasn’t going to let him down.


I decided, that one day I was going to help people and other parents navigate the medical system, and help them take back their health before they got to the ER. Six years go I started teaching nurses about hip dysplasia. I work with parents to help them understand how to advocate for their children, and I teach healthcare workers about self care… because we can’t give to our patients if we aren’t giving to ourselves.

Outside of the hospital, I am obsessed with traveling. So I’m a pro at traveling with kids and by pro I mean it’s all good until one of them projectile vomits! I love music and playing my guitar (I used to be in a band). When I’m not landlocked, I love surfing long breaks. And the ski patroller in me believes there are no friends on powder days! If you’re still reading this, and I haven’t scared you away yet, RAD! I knew you were a rebel! Have a look around at what I do, and I hope we get to work together soon!

Hey, I'm Karen
  • What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
    Probably getting to help my children become who they were made to be. And the snuggles and kisses should be bottled!
  • Where is your favorite place that you've traveled?
    Oh man - There are so many! Without a doubt, Ireland is the most friendly country I have ever been, and Prague for New Years was pretty amazing!
  • Name your four favorite bands in high school.
    Only four?! Okay. Radiohead. Coldplay. Rancid. The Cure.
    To Weezer, Mazzy Star and the Wallflowers, I am sorry.
  • The hardest thing about being a nurse is...
    1. Being told what to do!
    2. When people think I became a nurse because I couldn't hack med school. It's a CHOICE bro!
  • People would be surprised to know that...
    I was played guitar and sang in a band - we played mostly covers: Johnny Cash, Dramarama, the Cars, and Shooter Jennings. Only the good stuff!

Why I’m Different


Your trust - I take it seriously.

You have a million options: Health Coaches, Nutritional Therapists, Naturopaths; the list goes on. But you're here, with me. I’m a registered nurse - proudly considered the most trusted profession in the world. Here's a few reasons that I’m different, and why I think you'll like it.


LISTENING VS HEARING  That means I actually listen to my clients. It's kind of my thing. 

Integrative nurse consultant

INTEGRATIVE FOCUS  I believe there's value in many forms of medicine! Can't we all just get along?

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WE GIVE BACK  Profit should have purpose. Read more about mine here.